Video shows golden retriever saving a drowning fawn in US video

US man Mark Freeley was out walking his dogs along a beach in Long Island, New York, when his golden retriever darted into the water.

Confused at first, Freeley noticed his dog, Storm, was swimming out to a fawn struggling in the water.

Storm managed to scrag the baby deer around the neck and started swimming to shore.

Mark Freeley's dog Storm managed to pull the fawn to safety.

Mark Freeley's dog Storm managed to pull the fawn to safety.

Freeley, who was standing on the beach with his other dog, started filming the incident on his mobile phone unsure what would happen next.

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Storm managed to drag the fawn to shore and started nudging it with his nose and paw in almost an assuring way that everything was going to be alright.

Freely posted the video on Facebook and it has already ticked over 12000 likes and 3000 comments in support of his lifeguard dog.

The deer is expected to make a full recovery and is resting at a local animal rescue shelter until it can get back on its feet.

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