Donald Trump's America

Trump hyperbole on immigration

US President Donald Trump took his anti-immigration rhetoric to another level at a rally for Ted Cruz in Texas.

OPINION: In final weeks before midterm elections, US President goes back to hard line anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Explosives found near Soros' home

US billionaire and liberal philanthropist George Soros. The FBI and local police in the US state of New York responded ...

Explosive device found near home of billionaire philanthropist who is a favorite target of US right-wing groups.

US midterm race tightens

In the final weeks before midterm elections, US President Donald Trump looks to stave off Democratic gains in Congress.

Democrats still favoured to win in next month's midterm elections, but Republicans make up ground.

Border tensions boil over

In the summer, the president was so upset by the border numbers that he proposed sealing the entire 3144 kilometre ...

Worsening immigration numbers fraught for US president, with no sign of a border wall ahead of midterms.

White House doubts Saudis

Trump had said the Saudi explanation was credible, but US officials said he has privately grimaced that Jared Kushner's ...

Trump says Saudis have lied about Khashoggi's death, but he is still defending the oil-rich monarchy as an "incredible ally".

Moscow warns against treaty pullout

President Donald Trump speaks to media after attending a rally in Elko, Nevada where he said the US might pull out of a ...

Russia says the US pulling out of a landmark arms control agreement "would be a very dangerous step.''

US reneging on nuke pact

US President Donald Trump with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump says he will exit an arms control agreement the US signed with former Soviet Union.

Animals aims to redefine true crime video

American Animals focuses on the events at Kentucky's Transylvania University in 2004 when a group of young men attempted ...

"They knew they weren't going to come out looking like heroes."

'Severe' consequences for Saudis

Trump 'demanding' answers from Saudis on Jamal Khashoggi case

US President has acknowledged it "certainly looks" as though missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is dead.

Trump advisers in 'shouting match' video

US President Donald Trump is aware of the argument between two of his most senior staff, sources say.

The US president's chief of staff stormed off after clash with national security adviser, sources say.

Making a Murderer is back video

The second, 10-part instalment of Making a Murderer will no doubt push Steven Avery back into the limelight.

"This is a case of gross, extreme, egregious prosecutorial misconduct," Avery's new lawyer argues.

Trump's gift to every despot video

US President Donald Trump listens during a cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House. Trump, it seems, ...

OPINION: US President Donald Trump has given every despot on the planet a license to kill.

Trump condemns 'lying' Cohen

President Donald Trump speaks during an interview with The Associated Press in the Oval Office of the White House.

US president talks midterm elections, "lying" Michael Cohen and defends his derisive nickname for Stormy Daniels.

Trump steps up attacks on Fed

Last week, US President Donald Trump called the Fed "out of control".

US president says he's not happy with how fast interest rates are rising.

Trump calls Stormy 'horseface'

US President Donald Trump, pictured with first lady Melania Trump, has celebrated the dismissal of a defamation suit ...

US president vows retaliation against porn star after her defamation suit against him was axed.

Trump, Lincoln and a Diet Coke

"The Republican Club," by Andy Thomas.

Portrait of The Republican Club used to feature in DC gift shops. Now it hangs outside the Oval Office.

US budget deficit blows out

The federal budget deficit has surged as US President Donald Trump's tax cuts caused the government to borrow more ...

Trump promised the tax cuts would pay for themselves, but there's no sign so far of that happening.

Trump visits flattened Florida video

More than 190,000 homes and businesses in Florida were without electricity as of Monday (NZT).

US president visits town that was wiped off the map after Hurricane Michael stormed through Florida.

Kushner faces a reckoning

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner stands among Saudi officials as President Trump talks with Crown Prince ...

Critics say Kushner has been dangerously naive to trust Saudi Prince Mohammed.

Trump talks Putin and poison

Donald Trump and  Vladimir Putin shake hands after a joint press conference in July 2018.

The US president thinks the Russian president has been involved in assassinations and poisonings, but "it's not our country".

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