Donald Trump's America

Trump protest sweeps NFL video

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Chris Hubbard takes a knee before the game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field.

Anthem protest spreads across America with players in almost every NFL team taking a knee in solidarity.

Trump adds to travel ban video

US President Donald Trump has expanded his controversial travel ban.

Chad, North Korea and Venezuela added to list of countries whose citizens face visa trouble with US.

Trump's advisor used private email video

White House senior advisor and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner has been using a private email account for official business.

Trump's close adviser used his private email for official business - not long after Trump's campaign against Hillary Clinton's use of private email.

N Korea fakes US jet hits video

The doctored propoganda images claimed to show direct hits on US jets and boats.

Faked propaganda pictures purported to show North Korean missiles striking US jets after Trump's ridicule.

Britain 'shouldn't host Trump'

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said the UK shouldn't host a visit from Donald Trump.

London's mayor labelled US president "ignorant", and revealed city has thwarted 7 more terror plots this year.

'They won't be around much longer'

US President Donald Trump's war of words with North Korea is continuing to escalate.

US President Donald Trump threatens North Korea again, amid escalating tensions between the two nuclear nations.

McCain rebels over health bill

John McCain, diagnosed with a fatal tumour, is well enough to play a central role in the vote on healthcare reforms ...

US Senator with independent streak again opposes Republican's push to overhaul healthcare.

Rockets to US 'inevitable'

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho addresses the 72nd United Nations General Assembly in New York.

North Korean diplomat tells the United Nations that US President Donald Trump is on a "suicide mission".

NBA champs boycott Trump meet

Golden State Warriors players Draymond Green (L) and Stephen Curry (R) flank U.S. President Barack Obama who holds up a ...

Golden State Warriors players back Steph Curry in deciding not to visit the White House.

21 states hacked in US election

Russia is believed to have interfered in the 2016 poll that saw Donald Trump elected president of the United States.

Year-long lag in notification of hacking possibly connected to Russia worries election officials, lawmakers.

'Trump's megaphone' shaping the world

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, is widely tipped as a future US president by those within the Republican Party.

The woman widely tipped to be US president is enjoying a remarkable rise.

Russia to Trump, Kim: Cool it

Trump has announced new US sanctions that he says allow the targeting of companies and institutions that finance and ...

Russia's foreign minister likens US-North Korea tensions to a "kindergarten fight between children".

Kim Jong Un makes it personal

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump's slanging match has moved beyond North Korea v the United States.

ANALYSIS: So much for a country-to-country war of words. Now, "rocket man" and "a mentally deranged US dotard" are facing off.

Trump: Kim 'obviously a madman' video

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is "obviously a madman", according to US President Donald Trump.

US president promises North Korean leader "will be tested like never before" as insults continue to fly.

Trump's a 'dotard'?

Dotard means a person in a feeble and childish state due to old age.

Kim Jong Un gets English speakers turning to their dictionaries after quip about US president.

Would an H-bomb affect NZ? video

North Korea are considering a hydrogen bomb test on the Pacific Ocean. (File photo)

If North Korea drops hydrogen bomb over the Pacific, a conflict will have a "pretty big" impact.

Did Trump just create a new nation?

Did US President Donald Trump just create a whole new nation?

Did he mean Gambia, Zambia, or Namibia? US president's gaffe gets #Nambia trending on Twitter.

Trump stalls self-drive tech

US President Donald Trump has refused to mandate the installation of V2V technology in new vehicles. The technology ...

Cutting-edge anti-collision technology won't be on the first self-driving cars to hit the road.

Trump orders new N Korea sanctions video

US President Donald Trump has opened the door wider to blacklisting anyone doing business with North Korea.

US president opens door further to blacklisting anyone doing business with North Korea.

Will 'rocket man' speech lead to war? video

US President Donald Trump's taunt, far from serving an underlying strategy, was probably counterproductive, writes Doyle ...

ANALYSIS: It was supposed to be "deeply philosophical", but Trump's UN speech may be a step towards war.

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