US to ban travel to N.Korea

A North Korean soldier looks at South Korea across the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

Two agencies operating tours to North Korea say the US government will soon ban its citizens from travelling there.

Girl raped by uncle denied abortion

An Indian court has denied a 10-year-old, who was raped by her uncle, the chance to have an abortion.

Indian court rules 10-year-old is too young, and too pregnant, to have the procedure.

Lowest caste to highest office

Largely unknown lower-caste dalit Ram Nath Kovind, India's new president.

"Who?" That was the reaction of most Indians when Ram Nath Kovind was first nominated for president.

Inside a crippled nuclear plant

This image captured by the underwater robot shows a part of a control rod drive of Unit 3 at Fukushima No.1 nuclear ...

Robot swims through radiation that could kill humans instantly to capture images of damaged Japanese nuclear plant.

Army general guilty of trafficking

The defendants were arrested in 2015 after 36 bodies were discovered in shallow graves.

Thai army general and politicians part of group convicted of human trafficking after mass grave discovery.

M5.8 quake in Japan

The 5.8 tremor hit on Thursday morning, Japanese time.

The main island was hit by a quake that was just 33km deep.

Family want 'inhumane' restraints banned video

Kelly Savage spent 10 days strapped to a psychiatric hospital bed in Japan, and then a nurse found him dead.

Patrick Savage said his brother Kelly "seemed to lose touch with reality" before he died in Japan.

EastEnders actor's selfie accident

Former EastEnders actor Paul Nicholls is lucky to be alive.

The actor slipped down a waterfall while taking a selfie in Thailand, and was stuck for three days without food.

Rogue monk extradited to Thailand

Wirapol Sukphol (left) during one of his frequent charter flights.

He fled to the US after his life of private jets, luxury cars and sexual exploits came to light.

Mapping N Korea's mass killings

A graphic showing suspected killing sites in North Korea is seen in a report compiled by Transitional in Seoul, South Korea.

Human rights group aims to one day hold North Korea's regime accountable for the atrocities it's inflicted.

The Kiwi keeping the Koreas talking

Navy Lieutenant Payton Kaiwai stands near the demarcation line separating South and North Korea.

When Kim Jong Un's troops stopped taking calls, South Korea turned to a Kiwi for help on the border.

Banned: Winnie the Pooh

China's social media users like the idea of Tigger as Obama.

China's censors are not happy with the bear from Hundred Acre Wood.

Massive blast as vehicles collide video

A truck explodes after clipping another vehicle on a highway in China.

The cause of a massive explosion after two vehicles collided on a Chinese highway remains a mystery.

Death among dark web turmoil

Alexandre Cazes was found dead in his prison cell in Bangkok.

Possible drug trade chaos as dark web marketplace closes and administrator found dead in Thai jail.

N Korea: terrifying glimpse into war

The Kim dynasty has always been regarded as rational and occupied first and foremost with its own survival, though the ...

As many as 64,000 could die in the first three hours of a war unlike any seen in generations.

No way in, no way out video

The trail's reconstruction has made life much easier for villagers.

After the 2015 quake, villagers in Uhiya, Nepal were isolated, forced to fend for themselves amid the destruction.

Burnt alive for parents' poverty

Anjali Shrestha has had problems with her arms and torso sticking together while healing from her burns.

"I will murder you," Anjali Shrestha's husband told her, before dousing her in petrol and lighting a match.

Children maimed in post-quake Nepal video

Nine-month-old Krish Bista being held by his mother Parbati Bista in Kanti Children's Hospital, after his legs were ...

Nepal's 2015 earthquake is still leaving scars, as oil accidents in temporary shelters disfigure children.

Chinese political prisoner dies

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, right, with his wife Liu Xia in a photo released in 2010.

Jailed China critic and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo dies aged 61.

'Comfort women' statues to stay

The "comfort women" statues have been erected in front of the Japanese consulate in Hong Kong.

Statues of sex slaves erected in Hong Kong to remind Japan of past crimes won't be removed.

Navy rescues elephant at sea video

The elephant desperately sticks its trunk above the water to breathe.

It had been caught in a current and washed out to sea off Sri Lanka when the navy spotted it.

Kiwi dies after 10 days tied down

Kelly Savage spent 10 days strapped to a psychiatric hospital bed in Japan before a nurse found him dead.

Kelly Savage's family want answers after he was left strapped to a bed in Japan.

Amelia Earhart theory debunked video

Famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart is pictured with her Lockheed Electra10E before her ill fated quest to fly around the world.

Japanese history buff discredits new theory that Amelia Earhart survived a crash-landing in the Pacific Ocean.

Aussie tourist dies in Phuket

Australian Roger Hussey being strapped in on Kata beach, Thailand, and in-flight with a crew member before falling.

Prominent WA businessman falls to his death while parasailing on Thai resort island

Mao's notes fetch top price

Mao Zedong, chairman of the communist party of China .

Collection considered a utmost rarity went for $1.25m at a London auction house.

Teen, banished for period, killed by snake

While the act of banishing menstruating women has been slammed, it is still carried out. Uttara Saud, 14, is pictured as ...

In pain, and alone in her uncle's cowshed, a menstruating Nepali teen died because of her family's "superstition".

Elephant tourism increasing

Elephants are separated from their mothers as babies and tortured to "break their spirits".

Three in four elephants used to entertain tourists in Asia are maltreated, study shows.

Island where only men are allowed

Home to an ancient religious site, Okinoshima island has made the Unesco World Heritage list.

Home to an ancient religious site, Okinoshima island has made the Unesco World Heritage list.

N Korea warns US over 'provocation'

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. North Korea is one of the poorest countries in the world, but its regime is also one of ...

North Korea's media has criticised US for deploying two bombers to the Korean Peninsula and warns this could lead to a possible nuclear war.

How N Korea got its missiles

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un cheers after the nation's successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Rogue state's long-range missile project used to be considered a joke. Nobody's laughing now.

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