Missing Aussie 'watched boyfriend die'

Australian woman Sophie Dowsley, 34 remains missing, after her boyfriend Greg Tiffin, 44, was found dead.

She watched her boyfriend fall to his death in Canada. Her family believes she's still out there somewhere.

Trio's $270m drug flight plans

The six-seater aircraft that the men allegedly planned to fly from the US west coast to Australia.

An elderly Australian pilot is among three men charged after allegedly plotting to make drug flight from US to Australia carrying 255kgs of ice.

'Wolfman' wanted child sacrifice

The accused woman was "truly scared" of the wolfman whom she believed rode a motorbike and was chasing her.

Australian woman accused of killing her toddler feared the 'wolfman' would stop her from meeting aliens.

A sad year for Aussie cars

This is the new Toyota Camry, which will arrive in New Zealand early next year.

Right now is a bitter-sweet time for the motoring scene in Australasia.

Lost woman walked in 30km circle

Police said Australian mum Jessie Walton walked in a circle in her attempt to find help.

Wearing just jandals, jeans and a thin top, Jessie Walton spent two nights wanderingthe Western Australia wilderness.

From saving ducklings to death video

Justine Damond climbed into a storm water drain to rescue the ducklings in her skirt.

Three weeks before she was shot dead by police, Justine Damond climbed into a storm drain.  

'Drunk' passenger disrupts flight

The man was escorted off the plane by police in Perth.

A Qantas flight set for Brisbane was forced to return to Perth because a "drunk" man refused to follow crew instructions.

MH370 search reveals secrets

A computer generated three-dimensional view of the sea floor obtained from mapping data collected during the search for ...

Fruitless search for MH370 lifts veil on remote Indian Ocean, where undersea mountains loom larger than Mt Everest.

Why cop cameras are turned off

Australian Justine Damond was shot by Minneapolis police after calling police to report a possible crime.

Justine Damond's death is shrouded in mystery, because police cameras were off. But their use raises complex issues.

Man hangs up on lottery officials

"When you rang before I thought it was a bit strange. But then I went and grabbed my ticket, then I checked my ticket ...

He won $16.6m on Oz Lotto but he wasn't going to believe anyone until he had checked for himself.

Fireworks linked to fatal shooting

Justine Damond, left, pictured with her fiance Don and Don's son Zach.

US officer who fatally shot an Australian woman may have been startled by a loud noise.

Dead after caregiver dies


Elderly blind disabled woman dies in Sydney home after death of husband caregiver, leaving her unable to get help.

Father calls for justice video

Justine Damond, left, with friend Eloise King. The pair ran mentoring workshops together through Soul Sessions in Sydney.

Father of Australian woman fatally shot by US police officer calls her death 'our worst nightmare'.

Aussies see shooting as 'nightmare'

Justine Damond, also known as Justine Ruszczyk, from Sydney, is seen in this 2015 photo.

Headlines in killed Australian woman's hometown newspaper sum up reaction: "AMERICAN NIGHTMARE."

Second 'ineligible' Aussie MP quits

Larissa Waters (left) and Scott Ludlam served as co-deputies to Greens leader Richard Di Natale.

Aussie Green Party loses a second co-deputy leader within days. First it was a secret Kiwi who quit, now it's a secret Canadian.

Shooter breaks his silence video

Officer Mohamed Noor has been named in the Minneapolis shooting.

Police officer who shot Australian woman in the US speaks, after shocking audio from the fatal shooting emerged.

Whale's near clash with tourist dinghy video

"It was quite a spectacle, but it could have been a disaster," says onlooker.

"It was quite a spectacle, but it could have been a disaster," says onlooker who heard the screams.

Fiance pleads for information after shooting video

Don Damond hugs a neighbor after reading a statement about his fiance, Justine Damond who was fatally shot by ...

"Our hearts are broken, and we are utterly devastated by the loss of Justine," says partner of Australian woman shot dead by US police.

Aussies all shook up by 3.2 quake

Those who felt the quake in Sydney, Australia, noted a "rolling sensation and small vibrations".

It was barely strong enough to disturb the froth on a soy chai latte, but that didn't stop Sydney locals reporting the earthquake.

A struggle to comprehend

Justine Damond, left, with friend Eloise King. The pair ran mentoring workshops together through Soul Sessions in Sydney.

People who knew Aussie teacher gunned down by US police can't work out why officer pulled trigger on her.

Woman dead in shower at stag do

Members of the buck's party at the Oaks on Market on Sunday. The men pictured were not taken into custody.

Four men released as police rule out foul play in death of woman at Melbourne stag party.

Widow A$1 million in debt

Rien Low with his sister Brooke and mother Jenny, who is in an uphill battle with Suncorp Bank.

When Jennifer Low's husband died, she was shocked to find five bank loans in her name.

Australian shot by US police video

Justine Damond died in a shooting in the US city of Minneapolis

Woman's family demands answers, after she was allegedly shot by police while reporting a noise in an alley.

Fatal skydive 'extremely rare'

Sydney Skydivers instructor Adrian Lloyd, 60, was killed in the accident.

He'd jumped more than 10,000 times, but this one ended tragically for an Australian instructor and his student.

Good Samaritan stabbed to death

A man was arrested at the scene, and has since been charged with murder.

He went to help a woman and child in a domestic dispute in Australia, but was attacked and left to die.

Living on death road

Lorelei Sneddon died of non-Hodgkins lymphoma at the age of 55.

Cancer strikes neighbours along one road in rural Australia. But no one knows why.

If Ludlam goes, what about Queen?

Scott Ludlam's not just an Aussie, but also a Kiwi. That's not good enough to be an Aussie politician.

OPINION: Australian senator has to quit because he has NZ citizenship, so why is the Queen head of state?

Aussie MP resigns over dual citizenship

Australian Greens senator Scott Ludlam is also a New Zealand citizen. That means he can't run for office in Australia.

Parliamentarian ineligible to hold office because he has dual New Zealand-Australian citizenship.

Hey Scott, the law is a thing

Scott Ludlam arrives at the surprise press conference in Perth on Friday to announce his resignation.

OPINION: Australia's constitution. Section 44. Dual citizens aren't eligible to sit in parliament. That means you Scott Ludlam.

Elon Musk fuels Aus coal wars

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says coal doesn't have a future. Australia's politicians beg to differ.

US tech billionaire's clean power plan "is a lot of sizzle for very little sausage", says pro-coal energy minister.

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