Middle East

Trump won't quit Iran deal yet

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley (left) and US President Donald Trump participate in a session on reforming the ...

US President unhappy with Iran nuclear deal but has not signalled he will abandon it.

Afghan cricket stadium attack

Afghan police officers stand guard at the site of a suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan.

​Suicide bomber kills three after blowing himself up near the main cricket stadium in Kabul.

Panic as jets break sound barrier

An Israeli fighter jet takes off during a training exercise in May. (File photo)

Buildings shook and windows broke as residents panicked following sonic booms in Lebanon.

Jets hit Syrian chemical site

A Syrian army statement said the airstrike killed two people and caused material damage near the town of Masyaf  (File ...

The Syrian army says Israeli jets have attacked a military base, killing two soldiers.

Sport ecstasy for war-torn Syria video

The excitement for Syria was real as their football team stole a 2-2 draw in extra-time against Iran to advance in World ...

TV commentator's joy matched by thousands in Damascus as Syria's Fifa World Cup dream kept alive.

Isis tells women to take up arms

A picture thought to show Linda Wenzel, a suspected Isis  fighter caught by Iraqi forces in Mosul in July is thought to ...

Islamic State is increasingly urging women to fight its battles, in a bid to boost its ranks.

Revenge of the housekeeper

Meni Naftali, who won a partial payout from lawsuit against the Netanyahus and state of Israel, claims there is a ...

Israeli PM's former housekeeper leading the protests to take him down.

Cargo ship breaks in two video

The crew of the ship was rescued, while half of the vessel sank.

Eleven-man crew rescued from sinking cargo vessel after it broke in two in the Black Sea.

Another blow for Isis video

Smoke rises during clashes between joint troop of Iraqi army and Shi'ite Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) against the ...

Iraqi forces have retaken another stronghold of the Islamic State.

After air strike, only she survived

A doctor attends to Buthaina Muhammad Mansour, believed to be 4 or 5, at a hospital after she survived a Saudi-led air ...

Her bruised eyes still swollen shut, little Yemeni girl doesn't yet know her family has been killed.

One missing in military chopper crash

The crew was training in the Black Hawk helicopter (file photo).

The US Black Hawk helicopter crashed off the southern coast of Yemen.

When schools can be deadly stuff nation

Students listen to their teacher during a class held in a UNICEF tent school, after  the Aal Okab school which they used ...

OPINION: In Yemen's war-torn classrooms, books and pencils are being replaced by mortars and automatic weapons.

Transgender woman jailed for clothes

Muhammad Fadli Abdul Rahman, left, and Nur Qistina Fitriah Ibrahim have each been jailed for a year.

Transgender woman and her friend were eating in a food court in Abu Dhabi when they were arrested.

Saudi street dancing teen arrested video

dancing boy in saudi

The boy's rendition of the Macarena made him a social media star, but not a friend of the police.

Yemen air strike 'kills at least 35'

UN accuses both sides in Yemen war of international law violations

Reports say dozens are wounded in the hotel attack north of the capital Sanaa.

NZ Afghanistan decision imminent

Prime Minister Bill English says Cabinet is due to make a decision before the election, on whether or not to send two ...

The Govt is due to decide on a request from Nato, but no combat request has been made from the US.

NZ army's CIA task

New Zealand soldiers in Afghanistan took part in a controversial biometric data programme, The Valley has revealed.

NZ soldiers helped collect biometric data for a controversial programme the public was never told about.

NZ stayed too long - Clark

By 2008, Helen Clark's Government was aware of the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan and wanted to review ...

Our soldiers should have left Afghanistan sooner, says the PM who launched NZ's decade-long deployment.

Trump eyes Afghanistan riches

A US helicopter flies near the new-found gold mine site in Nor Aaba, Takhar Province, Afghanistan (file photo).

US president's plans to use some of the country's US$1 trillion in mineral wealth to pay for the war are unlikely to happen.

Before and after Apiata's medal

Villagers have described the events that unfolded when NZ SAS troopers visited in 2004.

Calls for apology and punishment over firefight at centre of one of NZ's proudest military episodes.

Life as a woman in Afghanistan video

When Paula Penfold went to Afghanistan to investigate our years of military deployment there, she entered a land where ...

Paula Penfold goes to a land where women are subservient, controlled and, on the streets, almost invisible.

Iran threatens to renew nukes video

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: "In an hour and a day, Iran could return to a more advanced (nuclear) level than at ...

Iran's president warns it could ramp up nuclear programme if US continues "threats and sanctions''.

Smuggler 'deliberately drowns' dozens

The average age of passengers aboard the boat was 16.

Up to 50 African migrants reportedly pushed off boat when smuggler saw authorities approaching.

Gaza's wasted generation video

Ahmed Abu Duhair, 25, left, smokes with Mahmoud al-Sweasi, center, and Iyad Abu Heweila, 24, on a roof in Gaza City.

In many circles in Gaza, it is hard to find anyone in their 20s with real employment, with a monthly salary.

Israel plans to ban Al-Jazeera video

Israel plans to follow the lead of several Arab countries by banning broadcaster Al-Jazeera.

Israeli government says broadcaster incites violence as it seeks to join Arab states in banning it.

Syrian families struggle to survive stuff nation

A child's plush toy lies in the rubble of a destroyed building in East Ghouta, rural Damascus.

The scale of destruction and depth of suffering is mind-blowing. It is hard to imagine life in these conditions.

Photographer and activist Anthony Maturin

Photographer and activist Tony Maturin.

Anthony Maturin exposed the suffering and hardship of people through the lens of his camera.

9 family members killed in strike

People stand on the debris of the house in northwest Yemen.

Three women and six children from the same family die in dawn attack on their home in Yemen.

Trump wall's Bethlehem brother

"I'm going to build you a brother," a giant image of US President Donald Trump tells the Bethlehem wall.

Keen on his own border wall, the US president is now immortalised on its Bethlehem "brother".

Dubai tower fire out video

Flames shoot up the sides of the Torch tower residential building in the Marina district, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, ...

Fire that engulfed one of the world's tallest residential towers in Dubai is brought under control.

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